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Is It You?

Are you the one to turn things around in your family line? Difficult things can be passed onto you from your family. It can take one person to introduce things like eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and negativity. But you don't have to keep living with them. You can turn these destructive ways into healthy, life-giving ways of living and being.

Just like it took one person to introduce them, it can take one person, YOU, to turn it around. Powerful.

Decide to be that person. It takes a bit of work, but all worthy things take effort. You can begin with reading books, finding a mentor, observing people you respect, go for counselling.

Maybe you can do two or three if it suit you. The more methods you employ, the better, according to research. If that feels like too much, begin with one step. Get going, and then keep going, figuring it out as you go.

There are real steps you can take to move your life into a better place. You can then pass these better things on to your children, making it easier for future generations. There is always wisdom is preparing a good way for the people coming behind us.

You can be the difference that matters.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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