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    Body Image - Love Your Body

Counselling in Langley, Surrey, BC for eating disorders, emotional eating, binge eating, eating addictions
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Counselling - Are You Struggling With the Body You See Imaged in the Mirror?

Do you constantly compare your body to other people's bodies?  Do you envy other people's bodies, including movie stars bodies?  Are your thoughts towards your body negative or harsh thoughts, especially when you're struggling?  Seeking counselling can help you repair and heal your struggles with your body image.


Our bodies are intimately connected to our sense of self.  If you devalue yourself you most likely devalue your body.  If you devalue your body you most likely devalue yourself.  This is still more true for women, however as culture changes and the media increasingly challenges men to question their body image, it is becoming more true for men as well.

Our body image struggles can begin in many different ways such as needing to be perfect, being influenced by another's criticism, the limited media ideas on beauty, or as a way of dealing with painful situations.  As a counsellor, I can help you figure this out and assist you in repairing the reasons and the war you have with your body.

Body image issues can cause you social pain as well.  When you dislike or hate your body, you might be tempted to pick people who don't treat you well or you might isolate because you don't want people to see your body.  The more you think about not liking your body, the more you will experience energy draining from you, making it harder to live the life you want.  


Counselling can help you address your body image issues and how they affect the different aspects of you life, and counselling can help you make peace with the body you have and even enable you to grow to love it.  Loving your body will allow you to take better care of it, so if any changes do happen with you body as you heal, they will be done in love rather than from a war with your body.  

Loving your body can sound impossible but really what it takes is desire for healing and a commitment to making changes that allows you to accept your body, see it in a new light and treat it with kindness and respect.  


You can begin healing your relationship with your body through counselling today.  Call now for a free 15 minute consultation.     


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