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The Healing Art of Self-Love

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The Healing Art of Loving Yourself

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Counselling - Healing Through Loving Yourself

Are your thoughts towards yourself negative and hurtful?  Do you find it hard to see worth in yourself?  Do your weaknesses cause you to think poorly of yourself?    

Loving yourself is a hard thing to do in North American culture where media/advertising is constantly questioning whether we are good enough and our connections with people are much looser than they need to be.  We all have a pain story and your pain story can make it harder for you to love yourself.  Pain can make you vulnerable to believe things about yourself that are not true and can disconnect you from yourself and others.  Counselling can help you heal and reconnect.

We need love and belonging to survive. We need love and belonging to thrive.  Other people may be there to love you or they may not.  Even if other people do love you, you still may not love yourself and this creates inner challenges, especially over time.  Counselling can help you learn to love yourself and to find inner belonging and strength in that love.


Love is healing.  Self-love is healing and vital to well-being.  You can learn to love yourself.  In just a few months of counselling you can be well on your way to accomplishing this. 

You don't have to be ready to love yourself, you just have to be willing to commit.  The rest will come.

Call now for a complimentary 15 minute consultation or to book a session.

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