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Eating Disorders Counselling

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Eating Disorder 
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Eating Disorders

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Are You Struggling with an Eating Addiction, Emotional Eating - or an Eating Disorder? 


Would you like to think about something other than the number on the scale?  Would you like to make peace with food and your body?


Don't struggle through this alone.  Recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating is possible regardless if it's just begun or you've had a longer battle with it.  And it's easier when you have qualified help. 


Eating disorders promise you a full and happy life if you become thin, but really eating disorders work to rob you of life and living.  Your life suffers a slow death as you disengage from people, the things you love and yourself.  


In place, the eating disorder gets you to focus on eating / restricting food, the number on the scale, and your body.    


It may be that altering the way you eat helped you in the beginning, but all too soon you loose control and become a slave to the eating disorder, and the eating disorder becomes the problem.  If the eating disorder is left untreated, it can actually become life threatening.


Seeking counselling for disordered eating or eating disorders can help you take your life back from it.  Though it might not seems so, eating disorders are more then your struggle with food, the number on the scale, and more than your negative body image.  Eating disorders are more importantly about the underlying personal issues and challenges you have had or are experiencing, that drive you to alter the way you eat.  Counselling can help you uncover and understand these issues and aid you in resolving them so that you no longer need to use food to cope. 


In working together, you will be able to identify the root issues of your eating disorder and challenge the eating disorder thoughts.  You will learn life strategies to help you cope, heal from difficult experiences that may have occurred, and repair your relationship with yourself and your body.


Through counselling, you can learn to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.  You can develop a healthy relationship with food and make peace with your body and yourself.  You can learn to give your body the right amount of exercise that is healthy for it and still have time to live a full, meaningful, and enjoyable life.


I believe that all women have a unique beauty, inside and out.  Personal pain can cause you to believe this is not true as can the eating disorder.  Counselling to recover from eating disorders and addictive or emotional eating is a way to find your true beauty, because you can come out from under the lies you have come to believe and see the truth.  There is freedom in knowing you are unique, beautiful, and can choose to do what you want for the day rather than listen to what the eating disorder dictates. 


You are also not alone in your struggle.  Many women in the western world wrestle with this issue.  Eating disorders can reduce your feelings of worth and abilities as a person and foster isolation in your life so that you may find yourself alone, yet you don't have to face it alone.  Many people have recovered and there is specialized help in this area.  I have assisted individuals to recovering from disordered eating or eating disorders for over 20 years and I am committed to helping you in your own recovery of your self and your life from this struggle, and in finding the beauty that is truly your own.


Take back the night of your soul.  And open the door to the morning rays.  So you can step into the full, blazing high-noon sun of your life. 


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