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Counselling - Negative / Overthinking

Counselling in Langley, Surrey, BC for eating disorders, emotional eating, binge eating, eating addictions
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Eating Disorders

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Always picking the wrong guy/girl

The Healing Art of Loving Yourself

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High Sensitivity 


Life Change

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Counselling - Find Freedom From Negative / Overthinking


Do negative thoughts make it hard for you to be still or at peace?  Does overthinking leave you feeling tired or tense and still unsure of what to do?

There is more than one reason we can have too many negative thoughts running through our heads or why we overthink.  Some can be reworked and that helps.  Other's can persist no matter how much work you put into changing the thinking or how much meditation you do, you still struggle to be at peace inside.  In this case, there is healing that can happen that brings ab

This is no way to live.  Being with yourself should be an enjoyable place.  You should be able to walk down the street, sit quietly, or be working at something and know 

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