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A New Slant On Emotional Intelligence

Not everything you feel is your own feeling. The more sensitive you are, the more able you can pick up what other people are feeling. You can be feeling fine, walk into a room and suddenly feel self-conscious and it suprises you. You were not anticipating this feeling and nothing happened when you walked in to have created this emotion, but it happened.

This is a good sign you picked up on a feeling in the room. It could be the feeling that is generally in the room, or the leaders feeling, or it could be a specific person or group of people in the room. Looking around might help you discern which it is.

It is important to recognize this as someone else's feeling and not your own, especially because it is a negative emotion. If you own it, you then agree with the idea that you are having a problem, and then you are left trying to figure it out and resolve something that has no root in your life, but suddenly one. You can only go wrong doing this.

This ability is meant to give you information. It can help guide you to handle a situation. Maybe someone needs an encouraging word? It can show you that you need to be cautious or you are to move ahead. It may be that you need to ask God to help that person, i.e. ask God to relase the ability over them to be at east. This will displace their self-consciousness and you should then feel a reduction or elimination in the feeling of self-consciousness. Sometimes it takes asking God two or three times for this to fully happen.

You can also pick up emotions that you do struggle with, like anxiety or helplessness. It is still important that you do not own it. This will take discernment. You can still follow the above protocol, but also use it as a reminder do deal with your own issues. You will not pick up feelings you don't normally have as often.

If the feeling is positive and you want to "go with the flow," do it. Letting the good be contagious is positive.

Be wise as you navigatee the world of emotions. It will benefit you.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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