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The Counselling Process

Counselling, Langley, Surrey, BC
Counselling Therapies


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy



Dialectical Behavioural Therapy


Life Stress Relief/

Trauma Incident Reduction

Inner Child Work/Heal Wounds 

Life Coaching

Positive Psychology




What To Expect in Counselling

It can feel intimidating to seek the help of a counsellor, especially when you are feeling stuck, inadequate, and deeply in need of the right answers, but when you show up for counselling you will find a relaxed atmosphere, a place to freely talk, and new possibilities for your life. 


Counselling Theories I Use:


Your thoughts, feelings, body, relationship, circumstances and your spiritual life are all important things to look at when recovering your health and life through counselling, so the therapies I use support this belief.  All these areas are connected and changing one part of your life can have a positive impact on the other areas.  Not everyone has a spiritual life and that is ok, the recovery plan will be designed to fit your life.


Some of the counselling methods I use include:


    • Attachment - our attachment styles plays a roll in our relationship with ourselves and others.

    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - looks at a persons thoughts to see how they effect emotion and behaviour.

    • Inner Child Work - wounding often begins during our developmental years and can lead to such things as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, & having a strong inner critic.  Inner Child Work heals the original wound, which shifts the issue we are working on.

    • Positive Psychology - moves the focuses to what is right, on what resources and skills individuals do have, and on what is present and can lead to happiness.

    • Mindfulness - paying attention, on purpose to help build awareness that helps you make better choices, lower your stress/anxiety and rewire your brain which changes your thinking and emotions.

    • Self-Compassion - creating a healthy and connected relationship with yourself which fosters healing, greater security, improved choices and better relationships.

    • Self- Love - your relationship with yourself is the foundation of adult wholeness/

    • Solution focused and client centred.  Sometimes you lead, sometimes I will.  It's a collaboration.

    • Body Therapy - focus on the body to release stress, trauma and aid the nervous system.

    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a skilled based therapy towards distress tolerance, mindfulness, Interpersonal Therapy and emotion regulation.

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Call now for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions or book a meeting.  I look forward to talking with you. 



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