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Two Types of Emotions

There are two types of emotion, healthy and unhealthy. I know you probably knew that, which is great. But let's define this for clarity sake. Emotions are signals. They give you valuable information, like tell you when something is right or wrong for you, or when you need to give attention to a matter.

A healthy emotion will signal a truth to you. It is in your best interest to listen. It will lead you well. An example is you are walking down the street and suddenly the hairs on your neck are standing on end. You feel afraid. Your senses are telling you something is wrong. You would be wise to pay attention and handle yourself as if this were the case.

An unhealthy emotion will signal a lie to you. It is in your best interest to learn not to listen to this one because it will lead you wrong. It looks like this. You are walking down the street and, just as every other time you walked down the street, you have this feeling of danger lurking. Yet nothing ever happens. It does not matter what street you are on, you feel this feeling. Again, it is anxiety, but it is over taking your thoughts and causing you needless distress. Both emotions will feel different in your body. You can learn to discern the difference.

The second one you can get rid of. Remind yourself it is lying. Replace it with a truth. Practice saying this truth until it becomes real for you. Brain science is showing it takes 66 days to change a thought. This allows time for the wrong thought to die and the new one to develop.

It is a worthy process.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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