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Relaxation, A Readily Available Antidote

Stress and anxiety are common reasons that people seek counselling. Other issues commonly have stress and anxiety attached to them, like eating disorders. When we become stressed and anxious, our body tenses up. If we don't take a break the tension will continue to grow. This can be helped by making sure you take some time to relax in the middle of a busy day.

We live in a world spinning faster and faster as the moments, months and years go by. Even the young say time flies for them and their future does not seem as far off, as young people use to experience. It is easy and almost natural to step into this ever increasing pace life continues to generate.

Counselling research shows our body and mind need to rest and relax. Doing this will help ease the tension you feel and allow your body to return to a normal level rather than letting the tension just grow, which causes and increases stress and tension in your body. Your mind will work better as a result and your rejuvinated body will be able to function better.

Schedule in 5 minutes, 3 times a day to sit back and relax. Let your body relax, let your mind think of something pleasant. Notice your heart beat, your breathing, the sounds in the room or outside if the window is open. You will feel more grounded and rejuvinated.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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