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Personality Is Your Fingerprint

Do you know the deep satisfaction of being familiar with and valuing yourself and your uniqueness? Can you freely live this out, whether you are quieter, more detailed, thoughtful, curious, in love with unusual things, or hospitable and outgoing? Each attribute you have in your personality is there for a reason.

Character is born of your choices. Personality is developed in the way you are wired and formed in the womb. It is visible at birth. It is reshaped in the growing up years, but remains largely the same. Adolescence is the natural time of seeking to bring it more into its true form as you are allowed to make more of your own choices. All through your life, you are choosing and not choosing, thereby shaping how it is displayed.

As people, we are all the same and yet different. We long for both, to belong by being the same and to be distinct in our uniqueness. We also wrestle with both, as we balance choosing our way to go with and its effect on us and those around us.

If you are one to not easily value and enjoy your uniqueness, creating the life meant for you to live will be challenging as the blueprint to your life and your purpose is hidden in the unique person you have been created to be. The clues reside inside of you.

Life needs you to take the time for you to know yourself and to know the value you were created with. It matters that you find the place made for you.

You need to take the time to know yourself, and to know in your very essence you are valuable the way you are, even as you evolve and change throughout the years. For no one else can fit into your place exactly as you can. And you cannot enjoy life without finding the real you, and letting her matter.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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