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The Body Talks. Are You Listening?

The body really does talk. Just not always in words.

I have been reading a lot on mindfulness lately. It is based on wisdom that has been around since at least bible times, however the western world seems to have walked away from it - maybe as we became industrialized?

Mindfulness is paying attention. In the western world we pay a lot of attention to the outer, material things. Is our car/house/body/personality nice enough? What do other people think? In the eastern world, many kept paying attention to thinks like wisdom, silence, honor, and staying at a slower pace than we do.

Both the inner and outer world are import. Both equally matter. Everything is connected, so if one part is out of order, everything suffers. In North America, we have grown out of whack with listening to the quieter things. Which is where the deeper wisdom often is. And as you know, wisdom makes the world go round. It makes the difference between a life well-lived and one that constantly steers in the wrong direction.

We all want a life that is well-lived.


To begin with, your body is a separate part of a whole person. It has it's own entity. It can tell you things, but you have to choose to listen or not.

The obvious ways it talks is to tell you it's hungry, tired, excited over a new event, or bored with your current job. You have the option to listen or not. If you disrespect its information and go against it every now and then, but overall you respect what it says and follow through, your body and you will be okay.

But if you disregard it's signals repeatedly, over time your body will break down in one way or another. Sometimes slowly, sending you stronger and stronger signals, other times the breakdown will seem to come all at once.

Other ways it talks that might interest you is by how it feels when you are thinking certain thoughts. Does it feel physically well from what you think on? Or does it tense up or feel drained? Check it out. Try on different thoughts. Give it long enough for your body to respond. How helpful is that!!

How does it feel about the foods you eat? Not the craving, not the act of eating, but what happens after you swallow? Does your body feel good with the food you put in it? Does it feel nourished and fuelled, and you are ready to go about your day again?

How about your daily schedule? Does your body have the energy to keep going, or do you need coffee and energy drinks to keep going? If not, try educating yourself on the body and fatigue to find out how else you might take care of your body or listen to it as you try different things. Maybe it is telling you the food or thoughts you think are draining your body rather than uplifting and energizing it, or you need to take breaks.

How about the company you keep? How does your body feel as you are going to meet people, during your time with them, or afterwards? If the signals are negative, again, find out what that means. Do you need to overcome shyness, a difficult past, or are they the wrong person/people for you?

If you want, Mindfulness says you can ask your body what it thinks. Surprisingly, it will tell you.

It's nice to know we can learn so much from out bodies; that it has an inborn source of wisdom that can help us navigate in life.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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