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 Always Picking Wrong Guy/Girl

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Counselling - Are You Struggling To Find the Right Partner?

Do you keep finding yourself in one bad relationship after another?  You want companionship, a partner, love or even someone to spend the rest of your life with but after a time you find it turning more painful and difficult than it should be and you are disappointed once again.

New love is magical.  Everything seems better in the beginning of new love and a new relationship.  But as time goes on the magic disappears, and when each or most of your relationships become something you don't want or even something that is not good for you, it's a good idea to pay attention to this pattern and investigate, which you can do through counselling.

Perhaps the people you keep dating are critical, uncaring, maybe they have an addiction or are abusive.  Maybe the individuals always turn out to be someone different than you are looking for.  You tell  yourself you're unlucky in love but these meetings and connections don't happen by accident.  Counselling can help you make sense out of what is happening, and set you in a new direction.

Attraction happens for a reason.  People have many elements to them and when you meet someone these elements are firing in you and them and you have no idea what it's all about other than that you are attracted and interested.  The obvious things are their looks, their personality and maybe even their character but less obvious things can be happening that I as a counsellor can help you bring to the light.  

As a counsellor, I can guide you through this process to help you understanding what has been happening and assist you in making new choices that are a better fit for you.  Counselling can help you resolve issues that may be getting in the way and help steer you in the direction you really want to go in in finding a partner.

Call now for a free 15 minute consultation and begin to reorder this part of your life.      


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