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Try Laughing At Your Problem

When difficulties hit, tensions easily rise. We've all woken up to realize we slept through our alarm and are in danger of being late for work. Even though we may have bounded out of bed, our bodies still have restricted, our breathing is more shallow, and our thinking is less clear. None of these are helpful states to manage and move ahead in the way we need to. Which in the case of being late to work, might mean getting there with a severe case of anxiety that takes half a day to get past in order to work properly. It can feel like claws have dug into us or they want to and we need something to help free us to think and act clearly and in a way that is beneficial.

Instead of seizing up, try something counter intuitive. Laugh. Laugh when your mind is telling you your screwed. Laugh at what your mind is negatively telling you while your showering, getting dressed, and driving to work.

When we laugh at difficulties, they shrink in size. When problems are smaller, we are more able to believe we can handle something, or to believe that the right things will still happen.

Laughter also reduces stress, relaxes our muscles, and boosts our immune system. Laughter helps our breathing come easier, it pushes away the negative muddle and helps us to think clearer. Clear thinking and relaxed states opens us up, which allows new ideas (like maybe the right things will happen if your for work late), and new techniques to problem solve (maybe you find a more efficient way to get ready faster), both are needed inner states to help us find our way through life's problems.

Tension is a natural part of life. These moments and times will come. And they will go. Try laughing at the possibilities all will go wrong or be worse because there is a problem. And then handle the situation, maybe you need to seek wise counsel, think through it, and strategize, to resolve it in a way that will help you get through it.

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Eating Disorders and Women's Issues Specialist

This is your season to learn, grow, and develop a full and deeply satisfying life.

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