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Counselling Parents - How Not to Mess Up Your Kids Or Fix It If You Think You Are/Have...

Parenting begins with jittery nerves, love and wide-eyed wonder at the little person they've been gifted to raise.  Hopes and dreams run high.  Along side uncertainty, fear and the endless worry a parent can feel about the both the privilege and mammoth job it is.

Thoughts like, "Will I do a good job? How do I do this?  What if I mess up?  I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know how to deal with this situation...reach them," easily go through a parent's mind at any stage of the adventure, from pregnancy through to having adult children.

It makes sense.  There is no formal schooling for parenting and perhaps you wish to do something different than what your parents did, in part or whole.  Maybe the styles of parenting you see around you don't appeal to you either.  Or perhaps you just need a sounding board and wisdom to help inform your decisions.

I love being a parent.  It's what I've wanted to do more than anything else and I found a way to develop and maintain strong, heart-connected relationships with my kids that worked in good and challenging times and helped land them on their feet in adulthood.  Bad things can happen and love between you and your kids can hold strong when love is melded with other, wise, ingredients, which together, creates the anchor that steers you and your children through life's events.  

You can create a warm, strong, loving family, have wisdom to help you kids grow through each stage of their life, one stage building on the other, until it is just one more step into adulthood, with them feeling as ready as one can for adulthood both in their character, their relationships and their ability to work.

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