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What if you could live free from an eating disorder or worthlessness?  Are you ready to treat yourself more kindly or reduce your stress and anxiety?  Do you need to find more inner peace and calm? 

With personal growth as an important ingredient in well-being, you are on the right track in seeking counselling.  Life can become difficult for any one of us, allowing us to get stuck.  Figuring out the way to heal or manage can be challenging.  Seeking the help of a professional counsellor offers you a place to talk about your life and explore what has been happening.  A counsellor can offer you fresh insights, therapeutic suggestions, and support to help you work through your challenge and find healing.
When I think of the hundreds of women and men I have assisted in making changes and in healing, they have been creative, intelligent, capable people who usually did not know these things about themselves because their pain story kept them from seeing this.  You might think this could not be you because you believe no one would describe you in this way, but pain has a way of blinding us to the truth of our good points.  And you do have good points, many many more than you believe right now.  Therapy is a means to help you discover what they are.  It can help you find your strengths, what is incredible about the way you have been made and give you a place to be heard, supported and guided on your healing adventure. 

Meet Karen 


Hi, I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and I can assist you in making important life changes and to find support and healing.  With a masters degree in Counselling Psychology, I have over twenty years of counselling experience in a private practice setting.  I specialize in and enjoy working with women's issues and eating disorders.  I have participated in on-going counselling education and meet with other therapists.  


I am no different than you, I have faced many life issues and found healing, so my counselling work is not just text-book, but has real life understanding.  There are few things I enjoy more than sitting with another person and talking with them about their life.  People are fascinating to me.  So much can go into the making of a life.  Some of these things can undo us in ways.  But these things can also be turned around to make our lives into something profoundly more than they could have been had we not walked down that painful pathway and found new meaning and healing.  


Counselling can help you to heal and remake the painful places into something of value and beauty. I consider it a privilege to hear people's stories and help them walk through their pain and into a better place.  I believe you were made in an amazing way and for a meaningful and fulfilling reason.  I enjoy helping people discover this.  

Karen Cook Counselling & Therapeutic Life Coaching

Proudly serving Langley & Surrey for over 20 years. 



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The most beautiful people ...are those who have known suffering, known defeat, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.  Beautiful people do not just happen.


            Elizabeth Kubler Ross